First Time Buyer?

E-books are quickly becoming the preferred choice.



E-books are not only convenient and less expensive then printed versions, they are also the most environmentally friendly way to enjoy a Dr. Michelle Schoffro Cook publication!


















The first step is selecting the title you wish to purchase from the main page.  Once you click on the title, select the “Buy Now” icon located at the bottom of the page





















This will take you to the checkout page
















After making your payment, you will receive an email within 5 minutes with a link to download your e-book!  You can now enjoy reading your e-book either on your computer or a handheld e-reader.


Adding a .PDF file to your e-reader:

While most e-reader’s allow you to upload .pdf directly into the device, sometimes the text size and alignment might not be perfect.  A great free software to convert .pdf files is called Calibre.  You can download it here

Below is a video that details how to use the Calibre Software